Immani Love

Erotic Poet, Author, Performer...Goddess of Love (Adult Content-Must be 18+ to enter)

Ask Love (FAQ)

Immani Love-The Artist

  1. How do I book Immani Love for a Feature?

    Simple! Just ask! I'm available to Feature, Host, or just perform at your show or event. Reasonable rates and discounts for schools and charities!

  2. Where does Immani Love perform?

    ANYWHERE! (No really... anywhere!) I tend to tour internationally at least once a year and am available for booking during those tours. I love to travel and I look forward to visiting your venue and community.

  3. How do I get an Immani Love show in my city?

    Use the contact us page to send a request...we'll visit your venue to be sure that we have enough room for our setup. Then we check our available dates to schedule our team to come perform at your venue!

  4. What's a LOVER?

    A LOVER is a supporter, fan, stalker, enthusiastic intern, sexually liberated sorority sister, or anyone else who loves Immani Love!

    Women, men, couples, gay, str8, Bi, Trans, Queer, Questioning, Curious, Celibate, Nympho, Married, Single, Poly, Domestic Partners, Families, Friends, Enemies, and anyone in between!

    Want to be my LOVER? Become a member!

    Coming soon...Elite Lovers!

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Immani Love-The Writer

  1. How do I get the book?

    Adventures in Eroticism is a series of books. The first one is Four Seasons,  followed by Workplace, and Holidays. You can order the books as they come available through the Products page,  Amazon, or

  2. How do I get a personalized story?

    Contact me, give me a few details about you and your lover, and a scenario...leave the rest to me! I'll create a sexy, steamy, story for you and your lover to enjoy. For a little extra you can even receive it framed! Go to the products page to order!

  3. What is a Digicard?

    A digicard is a digital download card that is compact and easy to carry. It has a unique one time use code that allows the Lover to download Immani Love's book AND CD onto any digital device. Pretty cool huh?

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Immani Love-The Goddess of Love

  1. What charities does Immani Love support?

    The list is growing DAILY! From Equality Florida, Zebra Coalition, St. Pete Pride, IHAA, Grassroots Suicide Prevention, and more. If you would like Immani Love to support your charity, please use the contact us page to send a request.

  2. How do I book Immani Love to perform my wedding?

    Easy as pie! (At least easy as EATING pie) Simply go to the "Get Some Love" page and click on the link or just send a message on the contact page and we'll make it happen.

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