Immani Love

Erotic Poet, Author, Performer...Goddess of Love (Adult Content-Must be 18+ to enter)

Immani Love is a performance artist, author, and Erotic poet. I specialize in Spreading the LOVE worldwide, supporting LGBTQ LOVERS and youth in accepting and LOVING themselves through artistic expression and poetry. 
Helping LOVERS understand that sexuality and sensuality are nothing to be ashamed of. 
Eroticism and Love intertwine and are to be celebrated!

Immani LOVE

Immani Love was born in Philadelphia, PA and prior to Covid had been splitting her time between her home in Florida and in Brighton, England. She has toured internationally including her most recent #RainbowTours throughout Europe, the UK, and Australia including Sydney Mardi Gras, Birmingham Pride, London Pride, UK Black Pride, Manchester Pride, L Fest, Brighton Pride, Paris Black Pride as well as The Sappho International Women's Festival in Greece and various other venues. Since Covid she has been #SpreadingTheLove here in the U.S. as much as possible until it's safe to travel again.

With the completion of the successful ANNUAL #RainbowTours Immani Love is dedicated to spreading the LOVE even further in the coming years and beyond! (check the LOVE SIGHTINGS calendar for upcoming events.)

She has been named 2013 Erotic Poet of the Year by the National Poetry Awards and released a CD of erotic poems called Immani Love...Sensually Speaking! 

Immani Love has also published a book of erotic short stories in a series called "Adventures in Eroticism." 

The first book is "Adventures in Eroticism: Four Seasons" and is available on Amazon and on the Products page. Her 2nd book "Adventures in Eroticism: Workplace" is NOW AVAILABLE!

In addition to her performance life Immani Love is an Ordained Minister of Love and offers her officiant services to lovers who want to solidify their bond in matrimony.

If that's not enough, Immani Love is an active volunteer and supporter of various charities. Equality Florida,  Zebra Coalition,  St. Pete Pride, BlaQQueer Unity Council, and Joy MCC, are very close to her heart in the U.S. and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and Grassroots Suicide Prevention in the U.K.

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